04 April 2006
First Post
Ok... i so can't beleive I'm actually sitting here typing out my first post on my first blog ever. I never ever kept so much as a journal in my life time... ok i did once when i was in secondary school... till my brother sneaked into my room and read the entries and teased about it for ages... and i vowed never to ever keep a journal again... well at least not a personal one... childhood trauma... it just ruins your life... hahahaha

So anyway, here I am, and really i don't know what to write about. I guess I could start with introducing myself. I'm a little girl, trying to make the best out of my life on this realm of God, with the hope that He does the best for me without having a jolly good time. I'm not saying that he shudn't make it interesting tho... just as long as he doesn't make it TOO interesting... i just might not be able to handle that much excitement. Apart from that, I'm trying to graduate from uni so that i can finally start saving lives and stop watching my seniors get their hands dirty while I watch from the sidelines. And then occasionally, ok i actually mean rarely, when one of them feel sorry for me do they let me get messed up. And for those of you who are still in the dark, I've got about 2 years before i can force people to call me Dr. Arina... hahaha... Although i already have some very nice "idiots" teasing me way before its due....Like come on people, juz give me 2 years more of peace before the taunting starts!!!

So yeah... thts about my life in short... oh n i forgot to add that i had to leave the comforts and luxury of my home in Malaysia, and start a whole new life in this sad, slow paced, boring place called Newcastle in Oz land. I guess being here is another reason i signed up for a blog of my own... i NEED to do SOMETHING other then STUDY!!! Anyway, need to go tell people of my successful attempt and the heroic gesture (hahahaha) of starting my own blog....
cheers, &

guru rakha
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  • At 00:08, Blogger Paramjot Singh

    well said and welcome to this society call blog. don't worry you are not alone:)

  • At 01:15, Blogger DP

    welcome madam! :) pls start writing some juicy stories!

  • At 03:06, Blogger Arina

    Thanks for all the support guys. Hopefully i remain faihful to my new baby here!!


  • At 03:27, Blogger Jag Senghera

    Nice... excellent blog, hope to see more off it too...keep on keeping on arina.

  • At 03:42, Blogger Jag Senghera

    I've just added you to the Malaysian Sikh Bloggers Community at


    All the resources you need to help you with you blogging will be made available there.

  • At 23:50, Blogger Arina

    Thanx for the encouragement Jag...

  • At 16:54, Blogger van_n_gene

    babe... finally i can read ure musings... at least i can keep u in touch better this way... muaks! link me!