04 February 2007
Back To Routine
Alrite... I'm back...

From the time of my last post to now, a lot of things have happened. Had my examz and then a super wonderful holiday back home in Malaysia. Have to thank my lovely circle of friends, who never left me alone at night, and my mom, who never left me alone when the sun was out and not forgetting my baby brother - one person that I hadn't been spending time with the past few years. Thanx for tagging along for our midnight cha sessions. Can't beleive my baby brother's aLL GROWN UP... Without them, there was no way on earth I'd be missing home so much now. OK. I know I kinda sound sad now... But who cares. I'm letting my FEELINGS out... hahahaha

Had a blast at samelan. Learned a lot this year. And it was cool to have a gori around. The attention i got doubled... hahahahaha... Just spoke like a true Leo. What a sucker....

Oh and also loved the mixed reaction I got from people with regards to my new look. I recently had the blessings of adorning my birthright crown - my dastaar. It really entertained me to watch people see me for the first time. Kinda comical really. A mixture of shock, amusement, awe, admiration, joy and of course the look - the 'have-I-gone-completely-mad' look. Hahahaha... was heaps fascinating.

For the past two years that I've been here in Australia, whenever there was a kirtan tour in Malaysia, I would sit here and sulk my weekend away and complain at the absence of tours when I was home. Well, I guess God got a bit fed up of listening to my whinging and yup I went on tour! Details available on Jagjit's Blog. I'm just a little too lazy to post the videos and pictures up here. Repetition ain't my thing. While still on the subject of Jagjit's Blog, please take some time to listen to the "Pick of the week" that's after all the tour pictures. Its a snippet from samelan. PKJ doing simran before the final programme. Its simply amazing.

Anyway, signing off for now. Take care everyone out there. Will try to be more disciplined and update the blog on a regular basis. Especially since, according to my Malaysian friends, "I don't have a life here" ;-)
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02 November 2006
Jab lag khalsa rahe niara, tab lag tej dio meh sara - Dhan Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji
As long as the Khalsa remains distinct, So long I will give Him all My Glory. - Dhan Sri Guru Gobind Singh Maharaj

Check out this video from Mr Sikhnet . Its just amazing!!! Apart from that, a lot of things have been going on in my life. Will talk about that at a more appropriate time. Gota go back to study now. Exams are on soon!!
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02 October 2006
A long long time
WOW! Just realized... Its been a long long time since I blogged. Almost 2 months! Where and how did time pass?? Only God knows. Since my last update, my Mom had gone back, I finished my rep med term (i.e. no more cervix-es for a long long time...Hopefully) and I've started pediatrics ( welcome to 'high-pitched, tympanic membrane blowing' screaming kids), though I have to admit I've not heard a single crying child as yet. But I suppose I haven't done an ED shift as yet. And on a rather nerve-calming note, I THINK KIDS ACTUALLY LIKE ME!!! Yeah... Laugh all u guys want, but I was seriously scared to face this term. So yup, there it goes...kids aren't that bad after all. I've had my 'paradigm shift'...hahahaha

Oh and I've recently learnt that a lot of things have changed back home. Lots of good stuff's been happening and I can't wait to JUMP onto the (high-hopes) next flight back home... NAH... Still gotta put up with this place for another good nine weeks...No wait... Eight n a half...WOOHOOO! Yeah I do realize I sound sad, but who cares.

OK I shall stop boring u with my pathetic stories... All the winging... Oh and did I mention that I've been dreaming loads about KL in this past one week? Its driving me crazy! I'm the kind who just drops dead... And curse when I have to wake up the next morning...hahaha.... Sound pessimistic, don't I? Rest assured I'm still the same old person. So yeah, to all my friends in KL... STOP BUGGING ME IN MY SLEEP!!! I ENJOY MY CRASH AND BURN NIGHTS!!!!

OK me gtg... coz I don't know what else to crap about. I've managed to procrastinate for another half hour... And I've run out of reasons now... So take care all u people out there... Lots n lots n lots of love from me ...
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08 August 2006
The Blue Mountains
Over the weekend, my Mom and I took a daytrip to the blue montains just west of Sydney. The weather was freezing and foggy and we couldn't get much of a view. Nevertheless, it was still beautiful and here are a few pics...


During our bushwalk when we thought we were lost we stumbled upon this cute little waterfall, where we ate our homemade aloo-parontha...yummm....

Fog... cold!!!!!

In a cute liitle tea house..

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07 August 2006
Daughter of the Khalsa - Shaheed Bibi Harsahran Kaur Ji
I read this article on Daughters of the Khalsa Blogpage. Its is a very inspiring article on the last Shaheed of the Chamkaur battle. Bibi Harsharan Kaur Ji was a brave daughter of the Khalsa who dutifully carried out her role as a Sikh. I personally give it a five star rating. So please do read it when u have five minutes to spare on learning about our rich Sikh history.
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15 July 2006
God's art

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22 June 2006
Kirtan from Harmandir Sahib
Today I'm posting a recording that Angad told me to take of tanti saaz being played in darbar sahib on the 17th of June. I'm not sure who is singing, but I think is one of Prof. Kartar Singh's students. So here it goes... Harmandir Sahib Tanti Saaz 17/06/2006. The link will only be available for the next 7 days or 100 downloads...
Also, I will soon be on holidays and will be travelling around Australia with my Mom who joined me here today. So there'll be heaps of pictures coming soon... Till the next post...

Guru Rakha
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