11 April 2006
Fun Time
Went for the Royal Easter Show in Sydney with my housemate cum friend Tiffany yesterday. It was one long day which started at 5.30 am after I had only slept for 3 hours, no thanks to the hind movie that was playing on TV. And although I had seen that movie a few times, I just had to see it again coz Aussie TV stations hardly ever shows any Hindi movies. So here I was, in for a 20 hour day in front of me, and I was already buggered before it even started. Anyway, had lots of un at the show. Saw the rodeo, with mad people riding mad horses and bulls (that was scary), a polo game, the xtreme korruption with crazy stunt man on their motorbikes and Storms doing stunts that just left me stunned. These guys have guts... Took lots of pics that I'll post asap. And there was this woman who calls herself the Lady Cannonball. She shot out of a cannon 135 feet into the air!! That was cool!! And I got to see loads of farm animals... All the horse, cows, pigs, sheep, goats, dogs, and just plenty of animals lah...
And it was really interesting to see how the sheep dogs do their job... They're really really clever and they do a better and more efficient job then us humans. How I just love dogs. There was this massive photography and art exhibition by amateur photographers and artists which made me think of DP. Some of the work was by school kids, and it just shocked the living daylights out me. Their work was absolutely, mind-blowingly beautiful, and I'm not exaggerating. I'm not very much of an arty person and wouldn't be bothered to look at paintings. So for the fact that I actually bothered to look at everyone of them surprises me as well. By the end of the day the two of us looked like we just had a bull dozer run over us. We were that tired. I guess it didn't help that the show grounds was the Sydney Olympic Stadium which was just massive. But it was one fun day, though I'm not sure if I want to go for it next year again...(I'm saying that now coz my body still hurts from walking all day.... Let's see what happens next year tho'....Only God knows)
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