13 April 2006
A conspiracy??
The following video, "Loose Change 2nd Edition", which can be found on Google Video is very intigruing. It's a documentary that discusses the events that led to and followed the 9/11 tragedy, and also the facts that were not revealed or were comouflaged. No doubt its a long video, but do watch it and decide for youself what's becoming of the world.

The description of thr video is as follows:
"Loose Change 2nd Edition" is the follow-up to the most provocative 9-11 documentary on the market today. This film shows direct connection between the attacks of September 11, 2001 and the United States government. Evidence is derived from news footage, scientific fact, and most important, Americans who suffered through that tragic day.

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  • At 11:57, Blogger Sifar

    I have seen the video and it brings certain amount of thought to mind and raises a lot of questions, espesially, illegal distruction of evidence, collapsing of the towers in a demolition style as opposed to simply toppling over, collapse/Demolition of building #7 @ 5.30 pm that had not been hit by terrorists and no considrable fire was reported in it either, no debris of 757 found in pentagon wing hit by it... etc... etc...

    Where there is smoke, there is a fire. Who will police the police....

    If the government is clean, they shsould have no objection in re-investigating (although most of the evidence has been destroyed) of all these doubts so that people can have their answers.

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