13 April 2006
The Easter Show Pics
Thanks Mitchie for the camera !!

The dog show - Best of the Poms
Flowers, flowers and more flowers. I'm not a great fan... This picture was taken with the sole purpose of making my Mom jealous!! Are u jealous yet Mom? Heheheh... This is FUN!!
Sheep dogs doing their job.
Sculptures on display. Created by amateurs
Country music street performers
Choc Banana On A Stick. =p
Polo game

The "Xtreme Korruption"

The Olympic Stadium train station

And the look of our faces by the end of the day was priceless... we looked like we could drop dead anytime...

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  • At 17:12, Blogger van_n_gene

    fuiyoo darn chick wei...backside i'm getting fatter and u're skinnying up... there must be a way for balancing this...