07 August 2006
Daughter of the Khalsa - Shaheed Bibi Harsahran Kaur Ji
I read this article on Daughters of the Khalsa Blogpage. Its is a very inspiring article on the last Shaheed of the Chamkaur battle. Bibi Harsharan Kaur Ji was a brave daughter of the Khalsa who dutifully carried out her role as a Sikh. I personally give it a five star rating. So please do read it when u have five minutes to spare on learning about our rich Sikh history.
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  • At 13:01, Blogger Singhu

    Waheguru..Waheguru...We can see how brave our Bibi's was....Once again, Even thought our young generation are into western culture but I knew their are small numbers of chardikala Bhenji's today also...