05 May 2006
Notations for a shabad
Thanx to the encouragement and bugging from my friend Angad Singh, I finally got down to some serious work and wrote out notations for the shabad Ko-oo har saman nahi raja.Its in raag bilawal, in teentaal. To downlaod the notations, just click the link and save it...Simple!! The notation is pretty straightforward and easy to follow. Hopefully with guruji's kirpa and more bugging from Angad, I'll write out more stuff and post it on the blog...
Take care...
Guru Rakha...
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  • At 19:25, Blogger Angad Singh

    wei... dr sahib more notations la

  • At 14:10, Blogger upinder kaur

    I am not able to down load your natation.Can you please send me a link by mail or may be the notation itself.

  • At 04:35, Anonymous Anonymous

    I want the notationssss!!! can you please upload them again?