02 October 2006
A long long time
WOW! Just realized... Its been a long long time since I blogged. Almost 2 months! Where and how did time pass?? Only God knows. Since my last update, my Mom had gone back, I finished my rep med term (i.e. no more cervix-es for a long long time...Hopefully) and I've started pediatrics ( welcome to 'high-pitched, tympanic membrane blowing' screaming kids), though I have to admit I've not heard a single crying child as yet. But I suppose I haven't done an ED shift as yet. And on a rather nerve-calming note, I THINK KIDS ACTUALLY LIKE ME!!! Yeah... Laugh all u guys want, but I was seriously scared to face this term. So yup, there it goes...kids aren't that bad after all. I've had my 'paradigm shift'...hahahaha

Oh and I've recently learnt that a lot of things have changed back home. Lots of good stuff's been happening and I can't wait to JUMP onto the (high-hopes) next flight back home... NAH... Still gotta put up with this place for another good nine weeks...No wait... Eight n a half...WOOHOOO! Yeah I do realize I sound sad, but who cares.

OK I shall stop boring u with my pathetic stories... All the winging... Oh and did I mention that I've been dreaming loads about KL in this past one week? Its driving me crazy! I'm the kind who just drops dead... And curse when I have to wake up the next morning...hahaha.... Sound pessimistic, don't I? Rest assured I'm still the same old person. So yeah, to all my friends in KL... STOP BUGGING ME IN MY SLEEP!!! I ENJOY MY CRASH AND BURN NIGHTS!!!!

OK me gtg... coz I don't know what else to crap about. I've managed to procrastinate for another half hour... And I've run out of reasons now... So take care all u people out there... Lots n lots n lots of love from me ...
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