11 June 2006
The Silence
Yes...I've been silent for a long time now. The reason - too much other work to do. I have exams coming up around the corner, so have busy mugging. And apart from the normality of life, I have been doing a lot of Vichaar with other Gursikhs from around the world and have come to realise a lot things. Firstly, Ive realised that although we all call ourselves Sikhs of the guru, there are so many different views about the religion, about what is acceptable and what is not... And the bottomline is that everyone will have their own thoughts and views in respect to the experiences they've had as individuals in this life. I'm not saying that there's anything wrong with that at all, but I'm glad for all the vichaar that has happened as it has probably made me a bit more wiser. Apart from that, Ive also been trying to learn new shabads to sing at the Gurdwara on Sunday. Haven't really had the time to actually write out notations for any of them to share, but all that will have to wait till after my exams now, i guess.

World Cup has started and that's one more distraction to add to my list. I don't know whether it's a boon or bane that it's in Germany this year, so to watch any of the games I'll have to be up all night. Well, at least its not as enticing to watch a game if its in the day time. Waking up at 1am just to watch football isn't really justifiable, especially when its only the preliminaries.

Also, the link to the notations of the earlier shabad is up again for the next 7 days or 25 downloads. So get your hands on it people!!

Anyway, I'll leave with a beautiful picture of a very colourful bird that was perched on the tree right outside my house one morning. I had meant to post it a long time ago, and forgot about it after a while. So here it goes now...

Till next time... Guru Rakha...


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  • At 11:29, Blogger eko

    lack of sleep is temporary..
    the thrill of watching Word Cup matches is eternal..

    which tree is it?

  • At 12:25, Blogger Singhu

    I agree with you many people had different vichaar. Is important we understand the meaning of sikh first. and practice sikhi within ourself...Anyway, work hard for your exams......Rgds,singu
    PS: The photo is really nice