19 April 2006
Signing in from the farm
I've been in Maclean for the past few days, hence the silence. This is a tiny town with a few thousand people on the north coast of New South Wales. Its been kinda fun doing nothing for a few days. I was super duper bored in Newcastle and since it was Easter and my housemate was going back home, I decided to accompany her back to her farm to experience a bit of farm life. And yeah, I don't think I'll be able to ever live in a small town. Just not my kind of life. The photyographs will come as soon as i get back home, which is pretty soon. Till then, I'm gonna enjoy watching beautiful sunrise and sunsets....
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  • At 10:15, Anonymous Kiren


    i didnt know u've started a blog dearie!! just sort of stumbled upon it.. keep it going and look forward to hearing from you in aussie land.


    london vich guachi kiren ;)