22 April 2006
I'm back from Maclean and fit enough to start blogging again (I was in a daze yesterday from the super long drive and was talking crap). So its a good thing I didn't post anything. And here are the pics...

Maclean town...Maclean was founded by a Lord Maclean from Scotland, and although most of the people living in Maclean aren't of Scottish descent, they still keep up the Scottish heritage and I was lucky enough to be there during the Highland Gathering which is an anuual event there, in which Highland dancing and pipe band competitions are held.
Highland dancing
One of the pipe bands
Also, because I was in the country, I decided to put my photography skills to test and took some pics during sunrise and sunset. And I have to say I'm quite impressed by the artistic eye I never knew I had. =p
The white stuff is fog that covered most of Maclean that morning. It took a lot for me to get out of bed and get myself to the highest point in Maclean, just to take pics. I thought I was going mad... But then again the satisfaction of actually taking these pics myself was amazingly fulfilling.

The sun coming up on the cane farm. My fav piece of art... hahahaha

A wallaby! This was cool. We were driving back from watching the sunrise when we bumped into a family of three wallabies.


Tiffany's home

I've got so many more pics to put up but I shall not bore everyone. So that's all from Maclean guys. And one more last pic. Imagine... This was the view I got when doing my Nitnem everyday. I rank this as the most beautiful part of being in the country...
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  • At 16:48, Anonymous Jag Senghera

    nice pictures

  • At 07:29, Blogger DP

    Wow bebeh, you certainly have a natural photography talent. Put it to good practise and soon you'll be a superduperchakdeyfattey photographer! Simply.. H.A.V.O.C. ! :)