24 April 2006
The Third Sikh Holocaust - Genocide of the Sikhs
I found this video on the net. It talks about how the Indian government tried to wipe out an entire religion, a whole culture but never succeeded. I salute all the Sikhs who were martyred in this genocide. Its a long video, but worth the watch. The first part is a documentary with pictures and facts of the genocide. In the second part of the video, various people who had either witnessed or were victims of the genocide speak and tell us the cruelty of the Indian army. The same Indian army which has a large number of Sikh soldiers. How could any country, any government do such a horrible thing to their own people, and especially those people who had laid their lives to protect the very sovereignty of that country. And what hurts most is this genocide still continues till today. They might not be taking more lives but they're still raping the Sikhs of their land, culture, heritage and religion. And yet, we manage to rise above it all and time and again succeed in holding on to our faith and culture!
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  • At 19:26, Blogger Jagjit Singh

    hey i cannot watch any video ler??

    i hate the indian goverment as well!!

    blady bastards entered the Golden Temple Complex and bombed Akal Thakt!!