26 April 2006
I had the privilege of stopping over at Woolgoolga Gurdwara Sahib on the way back from Maclean. Woolgoolga is located about 580km north of Sydney and about half an hour away from the resort town of Coffs Harbour. Woolgoolga is famous for its large Sikh community and a majestic gurdwara stands on top of a hill in the town and is the most prominent landmark of that area. Around the turn of the century, a large number of Sikh migrants, attracted by the banana farming had settled there. The Sikhs there today represent about 25% of the population. The gurdwara was built in 1970.

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  • At 02:09, Blogger Angad Singh

    y dont u apply for the ragi post here..=p

  • At 17:05, Blogger Arina

    Thanks angad, but I think the Newcastle committee will sue me if I leave them...hahaha